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Classic Cooking Courses

One and Two-Day Cooking Courses

These two-day and one-day food experiences provide you with an authentic taste of France, something which is becoming harder to find. Read more ››

Misse Wine Experience

Wine Tasting Days @ Misse

Intrigued by the romance of vineyard life? Want to immerse yourself in the lore, culture, and science behind that superb glass of Loire red, white… Read more ››

Wine & Food Weekends

Food & Wine Weekends

A weekend escape to rural France for the foodie and wine lover in everyone. Wine tastings, shopping at a farmer’s market, a vineyard visit… Read more ››

A Writer Begins

A Cook Begins & Prepares

A unique creativity boosting experience that features food and wine as the basis for exploring our senses, learning new skills, broadening our knowledge… Read more ››

A Cook Progresses

A Cook Progresses

This extended version of ‘A Cook Begins & Prepares’ includes an extra couple of days and picks up where the ‘Begins’ experience leaves off, delving deeper… Read more ››

A rustic French farmhouse in a verdant valley, beside a slow-moving river, with fields, meadows and forests; the scent of rosemary, thyme, fresh baked bread and vegetables plucked from the garden moments earlier simmering in the stock pot. A relaxed, gently buzzing kitchen run by passionate cooks who love to share their knowledge, turning out one fantastic plate after another, using only the freshest seasonal local ingredients: the perfect setting for a relaxed and inspiring culinary holiday.

‘Thanks for such a memorable time in your beautiful house. The food was fantastic and we greatly appreciated your attention to detail. Visiting the local market together really allowed us to get the most out of it and we particularly enjoyed discovering local specialities. Hope to see you soon. CIAO!’

- Maurizio (Torino, Italy)

We offer three different ranges of cooking and wine experiences to suit your particular interests and tastes.

One and Two-Day Cooking Courses and Wine-Tasting Days @ Misse: One and two-day cooking courses and one and two-day wine holidays. The perfect addition to your French holiday which gives you an authentic taste of France that will enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of the sights, sounds and tastes of the Loire Valley.

*NEW* We now do one and (two) day course pick-ups and drop-offs in Chinon Thurs (Fri), and Saumur Sat (Sun).

Food and Wine Weekends: A weekend escape to rural France for the foodie and wine lover in everyone. Eat, drink, learn, discuss. A gastronome's delight.

A Cook: Begin & Prepares, Progresses Unique creativity boosting experiences that features food and wine as the basis for exploring our senses, learning new skills, broadening our knowledge, boosting confidence and learning to seek out and appreciate the lovely things in life. Four day or six day versions.

Whichever strand of wine and food experience you choose, we look after you in great style, allowing you to retreat from your day-to-day, learn new things, explore your creativity, take a deep country air breath, and have a blast. This is your home-away from it all. A nurturing cocoon where your creative development and enjoyment come first.

For our honeymoon, we arranged a Circle of Misse cooking course and had a great time. First, you explore the farmers market, then you arrive Aaron and Wayne's beautiful, lovely house. Your cooking and eating adventure starts at this moment. We cooked delicious appetizers, meals and desserts. The great thing is; you eat all these foods with very friendly people accompanied with the great wines of Loire Valley. I am looking forward to go back and try other recipes :)

- Merve & Baris (Istanbul, Turkey)

No cookie cutters here. We make each experience unique to the participant. We do this by keeping the groups small and paying attention to every little detail. We employ a holistic approach where visits to farmer’s markets, vineyards and chateaus combine with hands-on instruction to create a highly enjoyable enriching experience that yields enormous results.

Our teaching kitchen and dining area offer lovely views across fields of wheat and sunflowers down to the river and across to ruins of the abbey.

Walk through the countryside. Sip a glass of wine. Nestle in the lounge, choose a book from the library, or discover a quiet corner of the garden under the plum trees. In other words: relax, recharge, and get out of your day-to-day routine. And learn something too.

Browse the tabs above to pick the experience right for you. Whichever food & wine course you pick, we can’t wait to see you in Misse.

Cooking Courses in Pictures

  • Garganelli served with both fennel & tomato and pork ragus

  • A Wild Nettle (Stinging variety) Risotto

  • Writers reap rewards from the cookery school

  • Making Halloumi Cheese

  • Taking a break to taste a Sauvignon Blanc from Haut Poitou

  • A Misse speciality - Tagliatelli with Radish Leaf Pesto

  • Cooks Prepare White Asparagus Risotto

  • A Festive Ballotine of Turkey (Boned, layered and cooked in its original skin)

  • Peaches poached in Cabernet Franc Wine

  • Pasta Sunflowers stuffed with wild rabbit and dressed with a Girolle Sauce