Circle of Misse

Exploring Painting

Painting by the river
Bix working with a painter by the river 

This unique creativity boosting painting experience allows you to explore the senses, acquire new skills, broaden your knowledge, boost confidence and learn to seek out and appreciate the lovely things in life. Surrounded by idyllic, pastoral landscapes, inspiring architecture and the bounties of nature, there will be plenty to inspire.

Janette Hayhoe will help you explore the beauty of what nature has to offer while cultivating and improving your basic painting skills and techniques.

We will develop a familiarity with the materials of the artist, the paint (oil or acrylic), mediums, supports, brushes and pallets. Through careful observation of nature, we will learn to better understand the visual process, breaking it down in order to then translate that onto the canvas.

‘A very big thank you to Bix for getting more out of me than I thought possible, and for encouraging my passion for painting and Art.’

- Willy (South Island, NZ)

Based on a traditional approach to painting, students will study composition, basic drawing and perspective, the rendering of form, colour mixing and brushwork. By working from nature, an understanding of how to translate a three dimensional subject onto a two dimensional surface will be gained. Exercises and demonstrations will be combined with individual critiques in order to develop techniques and establish greater competence and confidence as a painter.

This course requires no previous experience but would also be suitable for those who have painted and wish to work on further skill development. All materials will be provided.

See Dates and Costs for all details and booking information.