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Creative Holidays & Courses


Writing Courses and Retreats

Writing retreats and nurturing creative writing courses, and mentoring to motivate, inspire, and guide you on your writer’s journey. Read more ››

Food & Wine

Cooking, Baking & Wine Courses

Cooking, baking, wine-tasting classes and in-depth courses to suit both your interests and tastes. We produce fine French, Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine for carnivores and vegetarians. We expand your stay with visits to farmer’s markets, artisans and vineyards. Read more ››


Painting Courses

Painters Janette Hayhoe, Carol Breese and Bix Nash join us from May to September to offer a range of distinctive painting courses. These range from courses for the absolute beginner to advanced techniques for more experienced painters. Read more ››

Misse House surrounded by Wildflowers

Circle of Misse Holidays & Courses

We believe in having a good time, and that life is at it's best when we are able to pursue what we love most. That's why we offer these creative holidays: to bring fun, adventure, and enrichment to people’s lives. To help them escape to a place where their creativity takes centre-stage. Read more ››

Melexia Diary 2014

What Our Visitors Are Saying

  • Susan - Writing Retreat - October 2013

  • Christine, Bob, Tracy & Dave - A Cook Begins & Prepares - October 2013

  • Jane - A Writer Begins - September 2012

  • Terry - A Writer Prepares - May 2012

  • Carl & Karin, Kristina & Gustav - Wine & Food Weekend - November 2012

  • Deborah - A Writer Progresses - June 2013