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Wine & Food Weekends

Classic Painting Courses

These two-day and one-day painting experiences provide you with an inspiring break to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and sensory exploration. Read more ››

Misse Wine Experience

The Misse Art Experience

An inspiring weekend escape in the Loire Valley to immerse yourself both as a student of painting and Art. Read more ››

A Painter Begins & Prepares

A Painter Begins & Prepares

The move from inspiration to initiation can seem daunting but this course will take you through that process. Read more ››

Working on a still life

A Painter Progresses

With this course, you will have the opportunity to hone technical skills under the guidance of an experienced painter. Read more ››

Whether you’ve only dreamed of painting a field of sunflowers while sipping a crisp sauvignon blanc under the beautiful Loire Valley sun, or you’re a seasoned painter looking for a new challenge, fresh subjects, or to learn new skills, our painting experiences offer it all.

A quiet place to reflect, explore and put brush to canvas under the encouraging and helpful eye of a working artist. Beautiful surroundings, amazing food, relaxing comfortable accommodations coupled with that renowned Circle of Misse holistic approach means you will be inspired, get out of your day-to-day routines and learn to see the world more creatively; all while picking up new painting skills, learning more about our gorgeous region of France and truly relaxing. Our team of artists are all experienced painters who practice their craft in the Loire Valley, so they know where to take you and how to help you coax the beauty and nuance of this special place onto your canvas.

All courses include food and wine from our famous Circle of Misse cookery school.

We offer a range of painting experiences to suit your particular skill level, interests, available time and goals.

A Painter Begins and Prepares - Designed for the absolute beginner, or the experienced painter wanting to be re-inspired and brush up on foundational skills and approaches, this four-day unique creativity boosting painting experience allows you to explore the senses, acquire new skills, broaden your knowledge, boost confidence and learn to seek out and appreciate the lovely things in life. Surrounded by idyllic, pastoral landscapes, inspiring architecture and the bounties of nature, there will be plenty to inspire. Janette Hayhoe, Bix Nash or Carol Breese will help you explore the beauty of what nature has to offer while cultivating and improving your basic painting skills and techniques. You will paint outdoors, but will also have opportunities to spend time in the studio focusing on still-life painting and other techniques. All this with famous Misse hospitability, food and wine.

A Painter Progresses - This six-day immersive experience is perfect for the chronic dabbler and the more seasoned painter as well. It envelopes you in a creative incubator that will take your current interests and skills and help you naturally move them to the next level. You will hone technical skills under the guidance of an experienced painter. The creative environment of Misse provides the necessary structure and support to focus your energy on developing your personal painting practice and individualized critiques, and exercises will help you develop in areas that are giving you difficulty. All this with famous Misse hospitability, food and wine.

Classic Painting Courses & The Misse Art Experience - These fun, inspiring and enriching one\two-day and weekend courses aim to give you a taste of painting in paradise. Perfect for those already on holiday in our region, or for those who simply want a weekend break to recharge, refresh and develop some new creative skills. These courses cater to both absolute beginners and experienced painters alike. Our talented teaching team are accustomed to working with painters at multiple levels and will set different tasks and approaches appropriate to participant skill level and interests. The Misse Art Experience also enables us to visit local exhibitions, to draw inspiration, to look at different techniques and discuss the work of other artists. These are fun, intense and immersive experiences where along with losing yourself in your painting and the beauty of the area, you’ll also relish amazing fun, eat sensational food and enjoy the best local wines.

Whichever strand of painting experience you choose, we look after you in great style, allowing you to retreat from your day-to-day, learn new things, explore your creativity, take a deep country air breath, and have a blast. This is your home-away from it all. A nurturing cocoon where your creative development and enjoyment come first.

No cookie cutters here. We make each experience unique to the participant. We do this by keeping the groups small and paying attention to every little detail. We employ a holistic approach where visits to farmer’s markets, vineyards and chateaus combine with hands-on instruction to create a highly enjoyable enriching experience that yields enormous results.

Our onsite painting areas offer lovely views across fields of wheat and sunflowers down to the river and across to ruins of the abbey. There are numerous places on the grounds and around our valley to paint, and we also often hop into the van and drive to one of the nearby ‘secret’ painting spots favoured by our local artists and teachers.

Walk through the countryside. Sip a glass of wine. Nestle in the lounge, choose a book from the library, or discover a quiet corner of the garden under the plum trees. In other words: relax, recharge, and get out of your day-to-day routine. And learn something too.

Browse the tabs above to pick the experience right for you. Whichever painting course you pick, we can’t wait to see you in Misse.