Patlican Salatasi - Aubergine\Eggplant dip

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Patlican Salatasi - Aubergine\Eggplant Dip


You don't come across this simple dish much outside of Turkey. It is lighter than Baba Ghanoush, it doesn't use tahini paste, and is more refreshing on the palette.

The Italian, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese aubergine\eggplant varieties, which are shiny and slender work best for this dish; bigger varieties tend to be too bitter.

Male eggplants contain fewer seeds, which also makes them less bitter. For information on how to sex an eggplant, no really, check out The Cook's Thesaurus.




Found right across the Middle East with subtle enhancements and now around the globe with some bizarre varations, hummus is the ubiquitous dip.

The variations are natural enough. Without the addition of Tahini (sesame paste) humus would be a dull offering.

I have gone back to basics and include two variations that are natural extensions of the original. Feel free to experiment.

Cacik & Tzatziki

Cacik or Tzatziki


There are variations on this recipe from the Mediterranean to Indonesia, but it is essentially a wonderfully cool combination of cucumber and yoghurt.

The difference between cacik and tzatziki is in the yoghurt. Greeks favour a strained sheep's milk yoghurt, which like Camembert or Champagne, should have its own AOC, as there is nothing quite like it. In Turkey, where you will find cacik served throughout the meal, a natural runny yoghurt is used, which can be very refreshing. The Turks also produce an iced yoghurt and cucumber soup of the same name.

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