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On Writing

Just to say a huge thank you. As I settle back into a rainy London I really value the care, the fun and the guidance of Circle de Misse. I already want to come back and progress even more - you have really put me on the right path.

Eithne - Sep 2011 (London, UK)

Thanks so much for a wonderful writing retreat. I've been gorgeously pampered and done much more writing than hoped for - a very productive and fun week.

Lara - October 2011 (London)

When I get home I am having a reversible bracelet made. When I sit in front of my laptop, seeking the creative impulse I will make sure the bracelet is turned to the side that says "What would Wayne do?" Then when I enter the kitchen seeking inspiration I can turn it to the side that says "What would Aaron do?" Thanks for a fantastic week.

Kevin - June 2011 (London)

What a great week. Good conversation, concrete feedback on how to "carefully" improve my writing. Motivating and fun. Thank you so much!

Carol - June 2011 (Cairo)

Gosh what a week to carry forward to my annals! Just the ticket - lovely personal company, gorgeously informal environment, and superb teaching/feedback on the current love of my life (writing).

Indu - June 2011 (London)

Certainly a breath of fresh air! It's been an enabling experience, and best of all I seem to have crossed a threshold - out of the shadows. Wonderful to be so richly nurtured in every sense. Thanks.

Moira - April 2011 (Kent)

I had a blissful time here, sitting at my desk in front of the window, my head unwinding, every now and again watching Eschallot bounding about chasing pheasants. I made some key breakthroughs with my play, which came while walking the high route around the cirque, or sitting by the river, or talking about things at dinner, with marvellous company, over extraordinary wine and food.

Ben - March 2011 (London)

What a wonderful few days! It's been really refreshing to just kick back and write! Wayne's "tools" have been really helpful for just kickstarting my writing and writing about themes and scenes that I would never have thought to write… helping me to focus on the enjoyment of writing rather than trying to write an essay or a concept I feel I have to articulate! And it's been a great atmosphere in which to write - no inhibitions, no judgement - just enjoying each other's writings. What with Aaron's lovely and nourishing food and fab dinner time stories, your hospitality has been great, thank you! I feel very relaxed - something that's usually very hard to do!

Colleen - September 2010 (London, UK)

Jumpstart your writing Sept. 2010: really does what is says on the tin, apologies for the Missé cliché, but I can't thank you both enough for your warmth, patience and gentle encouragement & I hope to be back next year.

Maria - September 2010 (London, UK)

Aaron & Wayne, thank you both so much! I feel like I've had the top of my head opened & my brain stirred!! I've had a really wonderful time here with you & have felt so well looked after. It's opened a new page for me, you have no idea. I haven't enjoyed myself so much for quite some time & eaten so very well - Really.

Orla - September 2010 (Menorca, Spain)

The week with Emma Sweeney really helped me to reconnect with the emotional centre of my novel. The experience at Misse, and the unique, generous, warmth of both Aaron and Wayne has made this an extraordinarily special place. I have really loved my time here, thank you.

Claire - August 2010 (London, UK)

An excellent creative experience - it really helped me to connect my screenwriting skills to the novel.

Stephen - August 2010 (Twickenham, UK)

A week with incredibly talented, warm, encouraging people. Amazing food from Aaron, gentle, wise guidance from Wayne and a wonderful inspiring teacher in Annie, so generous with time and constructive feedback. Thanks also to my hard working, openhearted fellow students. You're a great bunch with a lot to offer the creative world. The best 'til last. Thanks to the wonderful and ever energetic, irrepressible Échalote. What a sweetheart!

Karen - June 2010 (Yorkshire, UK)

I discovered an inner muse I didn't know lay dormant somewhere in my soul. I leave with a new outlook and I thank you for bringing me this wonderful opportunity.

Marguerite - June 2010 (Vancouver, CA)

What a week at your establishment. The food was exceptional, as was the friendship and support freely offered. I found the various topics presented thought provoking and a pleasure to participate in. Thank you very much for such an outstanding opportunity.

Karl - June 2010 (Vancouver, CA)

I arrived with the kernel of an idea; I left with the draft of a novel and, more importantly, the knowledge that my ideas have merit and are worth polishing. I am hugely grateful to Wayne & Aaron for creating this magical and nurturing environment, to Emma for her constructive and supportive feedback & teaching and to my fellow students for their input.

Cleo - April 2010 (London, UK)

I did not feel like I was on holiday, but in the best way. Aaron and Wayne's hospitality made me feel I was staying with friends. I am grateful for Emma's engaging, emotionally sensitive and inspiring tuition. I leave Circle of Misse with a tinge of sadness but overflowing with creative energy to write my novel.

Neil - April 2010 (London, UK)

I'd love to have had an excuse to stay here - fantastic food and hospitality, creative stimulus, excellent tuition and a relaxing environment. Thank you so much, I'll definitely be back. Let's hope this is the beginning of an amazingly vibrant artistic community.

Bridget - April 2010 (London, UK)

Thank you for a marvellous few days. It's been a while since I last did something that made me feel like I'd grown as a human being, but every single day has been an incredible experience.

Paul - April 2010 (London, UK)

A week that will stay with me for a very long time and one that yielded much.

Erin - April 2010 (Amsterdam, NL)

On The Blogs

Whilst in France, I spent a week at this magical place, the Circle of Misse, on a fiction writing “boot camp” course…

In the context of A Room of One’s Own – I discovered that maybe I can write, a bit. The course, hosts and setting were fabulous; Aaron and Wayne run writing, painting and cookery courses at their beautiful house in the Loire valley and I whole heartedly recommend the Circle of Misse experience for anyone interested in those disciplines… Read More >>

Cleo - The Gender Blog

Circle of Missé was a surprise! We didn't know about this place before coming to France. It's not just a retreat and it's not just a school. It's both and more. It's a creative holiday where people come to express themselves as writers, chefs or artists.

Writing was intense and challenging, but there was ALWAYS time to eat. It was what came between the dashes - the aside from our writing - that was in some way connected with the main course.

If this story could be told through punctuation, the Circle of Missé would be an exclamation mark! Read More >>

Auntie M - France Encore

I have just finished a week long course on short story writing at the Circle of Misse.

It was a fantastic experience, which I intend to write about in another post, when I get my breath back.

I wrote some of my first short stories there, and received a very positive feedback from my fellow course members.

Here is one I wrote…

Helen - haddockinthekitchen

The tone of the whole week was warm, safe and nurturing. Being a newbie writer, I was anxious about sharing my work - I’m a commercial fiction animal, not literary – but I was encouraged and supported to do so and was pleased to receive genuine, positive and helpful comments.

We had plenty of time in the afternoons to write; some worked on short stories, others on their novels. Help, advice, and listening support was available at all times during the week and participants had the chance of three more structured (or not!) one-to-one sessions with Annie to discuss their work.

Complementing the work were sessions on wine-tasting, local sightseeing, a writing day away in Chinon and gourmet lunches and dinners, masterminded by Aaron Tighe, resident chef. Read more >>

Alison - Alison Morton's Blog

So, there I am, on the Circle of Misse website, reading my poem and talking about it. Wayne’s done a great job with this podcast. I don’t sound half as mad as I thought I would. Read more >>

Meryl Pugh - Furtive11

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