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Creativity Jumpstart: Get Writing

July 7-11, 2010 (Wed-Sun)

You have a book, poem or story in you. Let’s get it out. This jumpstart course gives you the support and tools to get started and carry on.

Award-winning poet Meryl Pugh is here to provide the tools, support and inspiration to get you started and keep you going. We’ll do writing exercises to break the task down to size. We’ll look at examples and formulate strategies. We will discuss elements of writing craft, including plot, structure, character, and dialogue, providing sure-fire ways to put them to work for you.

Along with these sessions, you will have time to write in a variety of inspiring settings around the property, receive feedback, explore the local sites or just sit back with a glass of wine and relax.

Pugh’s writing has an unusually tactile quality, and a keen ear for the cadence of the language.

- Carol Rumens 

Meryl will offer one-to-one coaching on your writing. Our resident writer/editor Wayne Milstead is also available to help participants with their work.

It’s not necessary to bring work-in-progress. But do bring your ideas and enthusiasm.


Poetry Boot Camp: Discovering New Territory

July 12-18, 2010 (Mon-Sun)

Black berets, beard stroking and smoke-filled coffeehouses rather than green berets, push-ups and obstacle courses. That may be one image of a “Poetry Boot Camp” and one, admittedly, we find very funny. But the berets, beards, cigs and works in progress are optional this week. What are required are enthusiasm and an inquisitive nature.

When I think of poetic territory ... I mean those ideas, those themes, those thoughts, those emotions that really get a poet, get a writer going.

Meryl Pugh Interview - Literary Conversations 

Award-winning poet Meryl Pugh has a series of morning sessions designed to help you discover your poetic territory, and form strategies for sustaining your writing process. Through a mixture of short, timed, writing-in-the-room-together exercises, and longer sessions where you venture outside the house, walk through the meadows, or perhaps down to the river to find the sources for your writing tasks.

With these exercises you’ll always reconvene to read back, discuss, and gain insight and guidance for your poetry. Meryl will guide you in developing the insight and confidence to see yourself  as a “reflexive practitioner” so that you are not only writing, but begin to step back and think about yourself and your preferred subjects and style of working in a thoughtful way that allows you to be more productive and enriched.

 The week is designed so that you’ll go home with several short pieces that might be complete in themselves or the beginnings of an exploration of poetic territory. For participants that bring work-in-progress Meryl will offer a session on development and redrafting. Towards the end of the week, she’ll hold a session on “getting published” and “Where to next”. During this session and an optional one-on-one with Meryl, you will have the opportunity to receive feedback and set goals for your writing life.

There will be lots of time to write in the afternoons, along with free time to go on walks, tour the area sites, or simply relax with a glass of wine.


Relinquish shows a sheer delight in words and their possibilities in as many arrangements as you could possibly think of. Pugh really enjoys playing with sound as much as with form.

- Barbara Smith -- Eyewear 


Meryl Pugh has an MA in Education and an MA in Creative and Life Writing. She left a teaching career in 2003, after selection as a Jerwood/Arvon Young Poet.

In 2005, she was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship and short-listed for the New Writing Ventures Poetry Prize. She has led writing workshops in museums, schools and prisons and was selected to participate in both the Jerwood/Aldeburgh Seminar, “To and From a First Collection” and the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Masterclass in 2009.

Her work has appeared in the anthologies: Entering the Tapestry (ed.s Mimi Khalvati and Graham Fawcett, 2003, Enitharmon) and Reactions 5 (ed. Clare Pollard, 2005, Pen and Ink Press). Reviews and poems have been published in various magazines, most recently New Welsh Review and Poetry Review. A pamphlet collection, Relinquish, was published in 2007 by Arrowhead Press.


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