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Paul Harris

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Paul Harris


Read the prologue and first chapter of Paul's upcoming novel The Candidate.

Paul Harris is the author of two novels The Secret Keeper (Dutton) and The Candidate (Vantage Point). Both books draw on Paul’s experience as a war correspondent covering conflicts including Sierra Leone and as a political journalist covering U.S. Politics for The Guardian and The Observer.

He is a Circle of Misse veteran, having led successful courses here in the past helping writers of all levels bring their text to life and accomplish their writing goals.

Speaking about this year's A Writer Prepares he said: "I’m really forward to it because it’s so exciting to see people come with an idea, maybe some notes, or even a draft chapter or two, then over the course of the week, develop these into full-fledge plans and leave with words on the page and a strategy to bring it all together. It’s brilliant and I’m delighted to be able to help people make that happen. The pace at Misse is relaxed and nurturing, it really encourages people to take a leap into their imaginations and we show them the writerly tools they can use to harness that onto the page."

Harris has crafted a fine first novel, the strongest parts of which come from his own experiences as a war correspondent. Readers will feel the oppressive heat, understand the toll that war took on innocents, and even fear the dead-eyed child soldiers. The Secret Keeper is an impressive debut.

- Booklist 

Paul lives in New York City. He was born in Nottingham, England to an English father and an American mother.


A Writer Prepares April 16-22, 2012 (Mon-Sun)

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