The Writer’s Atelier

The Writer’s Atelier

Circle of Misse is home to The Writer’s Atelier, a creative studio and mentored environment, where writers of varying styles and levels from all over the world come to work and learn in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Whether working alone or taking advantage of our literary programme, writers are treated to personal attention, a collaborative spirit, and free wine. Set in the beautiful Loire Valley, in the Anjou wine region, our 19th century sandstone maison de maitre is a welcoming, inspiring and empowering place that we’ve fashioned over the years to perfectly suit the needs of writers. Come write with us!


The Writer's Atelier


Writing at the Atelier

Writers attending the Atelier can choose between two options: classic or luxe.

The classic option is created based on the needs of most of our writers. First and most importantly, you have the time and space to work independently on your writing; there are many perfect nooks for writing at Circle of Misse, from our salon to our extensive library to various spots around the garden. You’ll also have some supplemental resources to keep you focused and moving forward, should you desire:

  • Morning group sessions – Lead by a mentor or visiting writer, this is an optional hour-long daily class that focuses on writing craft.
  • One-to-one mentoring – You can take advantage of the expertise and guidance of our mentors and visiting writers for three half-hour sessions during your stay.
  • Writing feedback – Get focused feedback on three sections of your work from our mentors.

The luxe option is aimed at the writers who would like more extensive mentorship time, for example those who are making heavy edits to a manuscript, addressing extensive planning or problem areas, or beginners who aren’t sure where to start.

  • Morning group sessions – Lead by a mentor or visiting writer, this is a daily full morning guided session that focuses on writing craft. You’ll work together in the morning, and independently in the afternoon.
  • One-to-one mentoring – You can take advantage of the expertise and guidance of our mentors and visiting writers in daily half-hour sessions.
  • Writing feedback – Get daily feedback on your work from our mentors.

The classic option is £ 645 (725 euro) and the luxe option is £ 895 (995 euro), including all meals and accommodation during your stay.

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The Misse Experience

At Misse, you’re our guest: there’s no need for grocery shopping, cooking or washing up. You’re invited to three meals a day, prepared by our chef in residence Aaron Tighe, and with all the coffee, tea, wine and beverages you’d like. This is all included in the cost of your stay – there are no supplemental fees or charges.

During the week, you can stay in your room for privacy, or join us or the other writers during mealtimes for a bit of social fun. Additionally, each week usually features some optional activities, like:

  • Day-trips to local sites
  • Literary salons to chat about writing topics
  • Misse book club, where we discuss a selected book
  • Movie night


The Writer's Atelier


The Misse Community of Writers

When you come to Misse, you’re  joining a supportive community of writers from all over the world: More than 80% of our alumni return to Circle of Misse, many coming once or twice every year. We host small groups, no more than five at a time, to allow us to offer truly bespoke and personal attention. Many of our guests form deep and lasting friendships with other Misse writers, creating a worldwide network of writers at every stage of their career.


Why Circle of Misse?

  • A home away from home
    The Circle of Misse house is homey and welcoming. You’ll get a private, en suite bedroom with a double bed and writing desk. There are sitting areas in the house and garden for working, and chatting when you’re in the mood.
  • Set in the romantic French countryside
    Surrounded by farms and farmland, we’re in the small village of Misse, with our closest neighbours being a church, abbey, cows and pheasants. We’re near the market town of Thouars but far enough away from the action that you can focus on your work.
  • Individually-tailored writing program
    Whether you simply want uninterrupted time to write while someone else cooks and does the washing up, or you seek intensive class time and one-to-one mentoring and feedback sessions each day (or anywhere in-between) our unique programme gives you exactly what you want and need.
  • One on-one mentoring and intimate group size
    We keep our group of guests small: classes are never more than five participants. Our editor-in-residence Wayne Milstead and our visiting writers run a series of optional classes and mentoring sessions each week custom-tailored to each writer’s skill-level and goals. We help you do your best work.
  • Gourmet lunch boxes, nightly dinner parties
    All meals and wine served at the house are included — Every day, you’ve got a personal picnic. Every night, it’s a dinner party.


The Writer's Atelier


The Resolution Keeper

A new programme we’ve created for the atelier is the Resolution Keeper, run at the beginning of the year. It has the same setup as the Writer’s Atelier, but is focused on setting a plan to meet your New Year’s writing goals, whether it’s to finally write the first draft of your novel, or finish your revisions to arrive at a final manuscript. Read more about Making Plans to Keep Your Writing Resolutions on our blog.


Learn more about the Writing Holidays at Misse


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