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2015 Writing Calendar

Wayne Milstead

A message from Wayne (Creative Writing Director):

One grows cautious of superlatives. Is something truly the ‘best ever’, or do we simply feel the strongest about our most recent experiences? I ponder this because I find myself automatically and enthusiastically wanting to declare 2014, with genuine sincerity, the best season yet at Misse. Yet, every one of the past five seasons deservedly shares the same accolade. Even Misse Alum, returning for their sixth and seventh time declared this year the best, despite having said the same about last time. Do they really mean it? Yes. I know our alumni. They don’t say things that they don’t believe deeply. With 70% of our alum returning each year, we work hard to ensure they get the most possible out of each visit. That they leave inspired, full of energy and focused on finishing their projects. We feed them extraordinarily well and look after their comfort while they get on with the writing. So maybe it’s no surprise at all that each year is the best yet. We meet people where they are and help them get to the next level. We’ve had people new to writing, only a few year later, winning prizes for their short stories. We’ve seen our participants grow, finish projects, start new ones, try new genres, stretch themselves and succeed again and again. As this continues it is bound to get better and better. I feel so lucky to be a part of all this and find it amazingly inspiring.

So whether you’re coming back for your second, third, or eighth time, or been waiting for that perfect moment to take the plunge and book your first visit, we hope to see you in 2015. Together we will make it the best season so far.

Also, for the first time ever, Winter Writing Retreats feature on our calendar. We host those beachside in Andalucia Spain. Booking is already tight, with numerous alumni snatching them up. They’ve been here, they know how fabulous Misse at the beach will be.

So take a look at the calendar and don’t delay.

See you soon.


If you have any questions send us an email or call us on:

+1-917-470-9927 (U.S. & Canada)
+33 (France)
+44 20 7993 4291 (UK)

2015 Dates

A note about Waitlists WL. If the only date you can attend is already booked, click on the WL next to the dates you'd like. It will create an email so that you can be put on the waitlist. Things do change and spaces do open up; those who sign up will be the first to know.

To book a space on an open course see Booking instructions below.

Writing Retreats in Spain - February & March 2015

February March
Wk S1 – Jan 31–7 Feb Wk S5 – Feb 28-7 Mar
Wk S2 – Feb 7-14 Wk S6 – Mar 7-14 WL
Wk S3 – Feb 14-21 Wk S7 – March 14-21 - 1 place left!

A Writer Begins

June September
Wk 3 – June 17-21 Wk 8 – Sept 16-20

A Writer Prepares

June - Early July September - Early October
Wk 1 – Jun 3-7 Wk 6 – Sep 2-6
Wk 2 – Jun 10-14 Wk 7 – Sep 9-13
Wk 4 – Jun 24-28 Wk 9 – Sep 23-27
Wk 5 – Jul 1-4 Wk 10 – Sep 30-4 Oct

A Writer Progresses

June - Early July September - Early October
Wk 1 – May 31-7 June Wk 6 – Aug 30-6 Sep
Wk 2 – Jun 7-14 Wk 7 – Sep 6-13
Wk 4 – Jun 21-18 Wk 9 – Sep 20-27
Wk 5 – Jun 28-5 Jul Wk 10 – Sep 27-4 Oct

Writing Retreats

June - Early July September - Early October
Wk 1 – May 31-7 June Wk 6 – Aug 30-6 Sep
Wk 2 – Jun 7-14 Wk 7 – Sep 6-13
Wk 4 – Jun 21-28 Wk 9 – Sep 20-27
Wk 5 – Jun 28-5 Jul Wk 10 – Sep 27-4 Oct

Please see A Writer Revises for details of this course, and instructions for booking.


To reserve your spot, send an email that includes your name, a contact telephone number, the week number/s (1-8) you wish to attend and the activity in which you wish to participate (A Writer Begins, A Writer Prepares, A Writer Progresses or a Writing Retreat). We will confirm availability and arrange the deposit via PayPal or UK bank transfer.