Circle of Misse

2014 Writing Calendar

Wayne Milstead

A message from Wayne (Creative Writing Director):

What a fabulous full house we had every week in June! It ended over two weeks ago but a buzz of positive energy continues to ricochet around the house. And I’m not the only one humming. Everyone who attended last month has gotten in touch to say just how wonderful and helpful they found their writing course or retreat. Several Misse alum, returning for their fourth or fifth time, said it was ‘the best ever’.

They’ve said that before. But the fact that they say it as honestly and with more vigour each year, especially this one, considering Misse their ‘home away from home’, makes us think we must be doing something right.

Something special does happen at Misse. The great food, the relaxing and inspiring environment, the carefully considered attention to every detail, the genuine commitment we make to help you make the most of your time here, that’s all a part of it. The remaining huge (and crucial) part is you.

September offers another opportunity for you to be a part of the magic. Whether you wish to start writing for the first time, get that book started, revise that full or partial draft, or simply move forward with your work at your own pace, we hope you’ll come let the Misse experience work its magic on you.

Space is tight. There in only space available on A Writer Prepares & October Writing Retreats at this point.


If you have any questions send us an email or call us on:

+1-917-470-9927 (U.S. & Canada)
+33 (France)
+44 20 7993 4291 (UK)

2014 Dates

A note about Waitlists WL. If the only date you can attend is already booked, click on the WL next to the dates you'd like. It will create an email so that you can be put on the waitlist. Things do change and spaces do open up; those who sign up will be the first to know.

To book a space on an open course see Booking instructions below.

A Writer Begins

Wk 5 – Sep 3–7 - WL

A Writer Prepares

Wk 5 – Sep 3–7 - WL
Wk 6 – Sep 10-14
Wk 7 – Sep 17-21 - WL
Wk 8 – Sep 24-28 - WL

A Writer Progresses

Wk 5 – Aug 31–7 Sep - WL
Wk 6 – Sep 7-14 - WL
Wk 7 – Sep 14-21 - WL
Wk 8 – Sep 21-28 - WL

Writing Retreats

September October
Wk 5 – Aug 31–7 Sep WL Wk 9 – Sep 28-5 Oct - 1 place left!
Wk 6 – Sep 7-14 WL Wk 10 – Oct 5-12
Wk 7 – Sep 14-21 WL Wk 11 – Oct 12-19 - 1 place left!
Wk 8 – Sep 21-28 WL

Please see A Writer Revises for details of this course, and instructions for booking.

Writers in Residence

Wayne Milstead runs the writing programme and is our permanent writer in residence. This year he will be joined by visiting writers Emma Claire Sweeney (Weeks 1\2), Matt Morrison (Weeks 3\4) and Kirstan Hawkins (Weeks 5\6).


To reserve your spot, send an email that includes your name, a contact telephone number, the week number/s (1-8) you wish to attend and the activity in which you wish to participate (A Writer Begins, A Writer Prepares, A Writer Progresses or a Writing Retreat). We will confirm availability and arrange the deposit via PayPal or UK bank transfer.