Starting over – as seen in The Australian

Starting over – <em>as seen in</em> <strong>The Australian</strong>

In 2010, when I was 64 years of age, I decided, albeit for a short time, to play truant from my everyday life. An internet search set this wife, mother, grandmother and PhD candidate on a journey that continues to this day. I discovered Circle of Misse in the Loire Valley by chance. I keyed “writing courses” and “France” into Google. On my screen were pictures of a three-storey house; a garden of trees, herbs and wildflowers; a bowl of perfect tomatoes on a kitchen windowsill; a nearby ancient abbey; a black spaniel puppy named Echalote; a few chickens. That October, I arrived in Paris and took a train to Saumur where Aaron, Misse’s co-owner, was waiting to drive another participant and me to the house. By evening, I was sipping a cocktail prepared by Aaron’s partner, Wayne.

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