Courses – A Writer Begins

Taking time to engage the senses and see things in new ways kick-starts your writing

At Misse, we give you the time to notice the things that whizz by unnoticed in a fast-paced life. We escape the tyranny of the clock, of life’s demands. We stop the car to wander through a field of glowing linseed.

Engaging the senses

We take photos, notes, we think about the smell, texture, taste, how it impacts our senses. These moments give us a way into our writing and connect us to our playful creative sides, our “muses”. And they improve our skills as writers, allowing us to better express what we’re trying to say. That philosophy forms the core of this course.

You arrive late Tuesday afternoon and jump right in with “Wine Tasting and Metaphor” or one of our many other creativity exercises that exemplify our holistic approach to tying the fun and charm of being in rural France to our goals of awakening your creative nature and getting your conscious mind out of the way so you can write.

Days at Misse

The following days, you’ll go on guided sensory walks along the river, picnics, trips to farmer’s markets and chateaus where you’ll continue to explore with a writer’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands.

Throughout this process we’ll read, listen and discuss examples of writers successfully bringing together those elements. We’ll talk about why we write, the things that get in the way, how to get around them and where we’d like to go with our writing. We’ll cheer each other on and give each other helpful suggestions.

You will have time each day to write with the support and feedback of your course leader Wayne Milstead. He also sets aside time for individual feedback and suggestions for next steps.

Creative Cocoon

As past participants will tell you, something special happens here and it truly becomes a creative cocoon where you can relax and explore your writing. This has a great deal to do with our limited course size of never more than six and the fact that we tailor the course to each participant, offering an individual holistic approach that meets you where you are and pushes you to the next level. Once you book we ask you about your writing experience and what you hope to get out of the course. Then we do everything we can to help you make that happen. Wayne has extensive experience coaching writers of all skill levels and working with a variety of groups and individuals to cultivate creativity and storytelling.

Add to all this our idyllic setting farmland in the Loire Valley of France, top-notch meals prepared by our resident chefs, charming accommodation and you have a fantastic holiday. You won’t even realise you’re working so hard. We balance work and play, using outings to historical sites and farmer’s markets to heighten the senses, soothe the soul, and boost creativity.


Course Length: Starts late afternoon Saturday, finishes early Saturday morning (7 nights)

Schedule: Morning and afternoon sessions each day. Sessions include excursions to chateaus, markets and other adventures. Writing/free time in late afternoon/early evening each day.

Advance submission of writing? None. This course focuses on the creative spark. We’ll produce small pieces of writing together while you’re here.

Travel Details: Free pick-up (Saturday) and drop-off (Saturday) at:

  • Nantes Atlantique International Airport (You can arrive via plane or train). Full details here.
    • Pick-up 17:15
    • Drop-off 13:15

Meals & Drinks: Breakfast, lunch & dinner each day, including wine & cocktails. Coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks and snacks available all the time.

Accommodation: Misse guest rooms have been designed to be the perfect writer’s space year-round: you’ll have comfort, quiet, privacy and a wonderful view over your surroundings. All of our guest rooms have en suite bathrooms. For more details see our rooms page.

Cost: £895 (Includes EVERYTHING except travel to France). To secure a place a deposit of £300 is due at the time of booking; the balance is due 45 days before the course starts.