For your comfort and enjoyment on residential retreats, we are doing one intake of writers every two weeksYou can book for 7, 10 or 14 days (you can stay even longer if you wish). This allows us to be flexible to anything that arises, gives you plenty of time to write and also sort out any required pre-travel requirements before departure and also means we form a bubble of sorts during your stay, and gives us ample time to do any/all the required procedures before the next group arrives. 

  • For these reasons we can’t alter the arrival days listed in the schedule below
  • As the situation changes and this approach is no longer required we’ll add more 7-day stays
  • Any residential experience this year can be changed to a virtual retreat for any reason or booked as a virtual retreat from the outset.


Please check our Writing 2022 page for details of the types of retreats and courses on offer. When booking please specify the type of activity, date and length.

7-day 10-day 14-day
May (22-29) (22-1 Jun) (22-5 Jun)
June [5-12] [5-15] [5-19]
[19-26] n/a n/a
(26-3 Jul) n/a n/a
July (3-10) (3-13) (3-17)
(17-24) (17-27) n/a


7-day 10-day 14-day
August 21-28 21-31 21-4 Sep
September (4-11) (4-14) (4-18)
25 Sep-2 Oct n/a n/a
October (2-9) (2-12) (2-16)
(16-23) (16-26) n/a
KEY:   (Limited Places)   [Waitlist Only]



Event Type Prices in UK £     Prices in Euro €
Cost  Deposit Cost Deposit
Studio Retreat
7-day retreat 675 200 800 240
10-day retreat 899 275 1,075 325
14-day retreat 1,175 350 1,400 425
Mentored Retreat | Writer Prepares/Progresses
7-day retreat 995 300 1,200 450
10-day retreat 1,325 400 1,575 475
14-day retreat 1,725 525 2,050 625
7-day Mentored Retreat | Writer Prepares/Progresses + Studio Retreat Extension
10-day (7-day + 3-day) retreat 1,220 365 1,450 425
14-day (7-day + 7-day) retreat 1,495 450 1,775 525
*TTC Toutes taxes comprises – All taxes included


Send an email to with the subject heading ‘Booking 2022’. In the body of the email please put your first and last name, an alternate contact to the email address you are using (phone, back-up email, etc.), the date, duration and type of activity,  whether you’d like to pay your deposit and balance in British Pounds Sterling or Euro, and any other information you’d like to make us aware of at this juncture. We will respond within 48 hours. Thanks.


We are not currently taking painting bookings for 2022 until we accommodate our painters who booked in 2020. If you booked in 2020 and you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch. If you are interested in future painting dates, please sign up for our email updates list.