Getting Here

Getting Here

We’re located in the picturesque village of Misse, France on the southern edge of the Loire.

People come to us from all over the world. We make it easy. We’re happy to offer advice and help you figure out what travel method makes sense for you. We offer free pick-up and drop-off from different designated gateway cities. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or want some advice on travel options. Saturday is a travel day. Relax, enjoy, use it as inspiration. Knowing that a relaxing retreat awaits you at Misse. And once we collect you, you won’t have to worry about anything else for a week. As T.S. Eliot famously said: “The journey not the arrival matters.”

Travel In A Nutshell

As we have people joining us from all the over world, we’ve devised a free pick-up/drop-off service that gives you the most options and reflects the recent changes to the flight schedules to/from Nantes. The simplest version: Be at Nantes Atlantique Airport by 11 a.m. for free pick-up. If you’re traveling by train use the airport shuttle bus between the two. If you can’t get to Nantes by 11 am., get to Saumur rail station by 18:15. (Average journey from Nantes is 1 hour, 2 hours from Paris – very easy connections). For your return, you will be dropped at Nantes Atlantique Airport by 8:30 a.m. plenty of time to take a plane or train to where you need to be next.


Mid-Morning SaturdayNantes Atlantique Airport, Nantes, France – Arrivals Area – Be there by 11 a.m. for both train and plane travel. It’s very fast and easy to get between the train station and airport via the shuttle bus. Much faster than waiting on us to fight traffic and find parking. (Nitty Gritty details here)

Who should consider this option:

  • Air travelers from the UK and other European cities with early morning only Saturday Nantes flights or Friday Nantes flights
  • Long haul air travelers who can connect with one of the early morning Air France Nantes flights
  • Travelers already in France, whether it be Paris or another city with early morning rail connections to Nantes, or those who choose to see Nantes or the Loire for a day or two before their time with us

Early Evening SaturdaySaumur Rail Station, Saumur, France – Arrivals hall (or café across the road) – If the flight to Nantes from your city arrives after 11 a.m. you will need to use this option. If you are traveling direct from North American/Australia or another long-haul destination on the Saturday and coming straight to us, this could be your best option. Actual pick-up time will be determined when we know everyone’s travel plans, but the latest you should plan to arrive in Saumur is 18:15. If you plan to take the Dublin flight to Nantes, let us know and we can usually arrange a later pick-up in Saumur to allow you to catch the first logical train (Nitty Gritty details here)

Who should consider this option:

  • Those on flights arriving post 11 a.m. into Nantes
  • Long haul travelers arriving CDG Paris Airport on morning/early afternoon flights from North America/Australia and other destinations
  • European and other short haul travelers for whom one of the Paris airports offer more direct flights to/from their home cities than Nantes. (even if you have a
  • Train travelers from the UK (Eurostar) and other European cities (connecting via Paris or another French city)
  • Travelers already in Paris or other French cities that can’t get to Nantes for the morning pick-up


Early Morning SaturdayNantes Atlantique Airport, Nantes, France – Departure Hall – Will drop at the Airport by 8:30 a.m. – In time for most flights and the shuttle to the airport train station for ample rail services to Paris and elsewhere. This is our main, and often only, drop most weeks as it affords everyone the most options for their onward travel. Again, we only drop-off at the airport in Nantes for your own convenience. You will get to the train station much quicker on the shuttle than if we get stuck in city centre traffic (Nitty Gritty details here)

Alternate Drop-off option based on availabilitySaumur Rail Station, Saumur, France – Departure Hall. Some weeks based on specific circumstances we may be able to drop you here if we’re doing a Saumur rail station pick-up and a late afternoon/early evening rail departure makes the most sense for your onward plans. Ask us about the feasibility of this if interested.

Other Travel Options

  • Take the train to our local regional station Thouars. It is 8 km from the Circle of Misse House, so we can usually easily send someone to collect you. There are limited trains, but if you are in France already and can time it correctly you can get to us quickly and easily from Paris, Tours, Angers, Saumur and other cities via those places. Over the years, more and more participants use this method
  • Drive to us. Either bring your own car or rent one. We will send precise directions. We have lots of parking, and if you are driving back to your home, you can buy lots of wine 😉

Have a look here for The Nitty Gritty on Travel – Specifics, Ideas and Suggestions