Hotel Retreats

Hotel Retreats

It does what it says on the tin! Check-in and get to work. We provide a beautiful, quiet en-suite room, great meals and all the comforts you need to tune-out to tune-in. There’s no organised programme, it’s just you, space to work uninterrupted and the amazing hospitality of CofM.


Introducing Hotel Retreats

We provide a calm and comfortable en-suite double room with inspiring views, a writing desk and comfy bed. In the public area we have a relaxed salon, library and dining room on the ground floor and a cosy lounge on the top floor. We feed you delicious food and make sure you have the creature comforts you need to churn out words. Then we leave you to it and stay out of your way. You can come for a week, a month or more.


Why The Writer’s Hotel?

  • A home away from home
    The Circle of Misse house is homey and welcoming. You’ll get a private, en suite bedroom with a double bed and writing desk. There are sitting areas in the house and garden for working, and chatting when you’re in the mood.
  • Set in the romantic French countryside
    Surrounded by farms and farmland, we’re in the small village of Misse, with our closest neighbours being a church, abbey, cows and pheasants. We’re near the market town of Thouars but far enough away from the action that you can focus on your work.
  • Time away from it all
    Get away from all of life’s commitments. At The Writer’s Hotel, there are no formally organized activities, it’s just you and your writing. There are of course ample opportunities to socialise during mealtimes if you choose!
  • Gourmet lunch boxes, nightly dinner parties
    All meals and wine served at the house are included — Every day, you’ve got a personal picnic. Every night, it’s a dinner party.


Hotel Retreats

Hotel Retreats


Who it’s for

The Writer’s Hotel is perfect for writers who already have a big project on the go, and just need some quiet time and space to write. We offer these type of retreats during periods when we have no organised activities such as mentoring, literary salons and other such events that feature in our Studio Retreats and Courses on the go, so you can just get down to business. We’ll take great care of you regarding food and accommodations: you’ll have your own room with en suite bathroom, and three wonderful home-cooked meals per day, with coffee, tea, wine and other beverages available throughout the day.


The Misse Experience

At Misse, you’re our guest: there’s no need for grocery shopping, cooking or washing up. You’re invited to three meals a day, prepared by our chef in residence Aaron Tighe, and with all the coffee, tea, wine or beverages you’d like. You can stay in your room for privacy, or join us or the other writers during mealtimes for a bit of social fun.


Hotel Retreats

Travel Details

We’ll pick you up and drop you free of charge from:

  • Poitiers Airport
    • Pick-up: Coordinated with Ryanair flight FR8474 arriving 16:35
    • Drop-off: Circa 15:00 coordinated with Ryanair flight FR8475 departing 17:00
  • Poitiers (Centre) rail station
    • Pick-up: Circa 16:00
    • Drop-off: Circa 14:30
  • You can also take the train to Thouars, our nearest town, and we’ll collect you.
  • You can also drive. See Our Location for more info

More information about The Writer’s Hotel

Hotel Retreats

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