Fantastic news! We’ve made the Misse retreat experience portable. We’re very excited about this. We road-tested it over the past year and know you’ll get lots done and feel as pampered and supported as you do when you are here. It adds that perfect structure and motivational framework to a week of writing at home or in that Airbnb in the woods (or city centre for that matter!) Whether you want to jumpstart a project before joining us on a residential retreat later in the year, or want the support without the travel, we’ve got you covered. While we’ve set some specific dates for Virtual Retreats we’ve also designed things moving forward so any residential retreat date can be turned virtual if you can’t or would prefer not to travel for any reason this year. That gives you so many more options and peace of mind when planning your work with us. We’re also open to suggested dates, so let us know. These virtual retreats work best when you take the week off like you would if you were coming here, and your writing is your focus for the full retreat period. 

We use a combination of our customised online learning platform powered by Thinkific, as well as Zoom and Google Meets to deliver this experience to you. No worries if you are new to any of these, we will give you everything you need to get set up and we’ll send all this to you in plenty of time for you to get comfortable with it before the retreat starts. This is a great experience with both live and asynchronous components so you have the tools you need to keep going and the one to one and group dynamics to stay motivated and connected. Our teaching platform uses a combination of video, audio, slide presentations and other dynamic components to deliver an immersive and compelling environment.

We’ve designed both an un-mentored experience, which we call ‘Classic’ and a ‘Mentored Experience’ so you can choose the level of direct manuscript support you require at the moment. Here’s what you get:



  • An Actionable shopping list 
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack lists
  • Easy recipes for breakfasts, snack items, and salad dressings
  • Wine list
  • Simple mocktail/cocktail recipes


Well-Being – Prompts and Videos

  • Short video on how to prepare for this retreat
  • Short videos on setting goals and not over-reaching
  • Short video on tools to help with focus
  • Short video on preparing a valuable distraction


Writing & Creative Support

  • Daily prompts and goal setting exercises – online/asynchronous – a great way to start your writing day, but you can do them at any time and revisit. Discussion boards will be active if you want to post your thoughts and interact with others (including Wayne).
  • A daily half hour group live Check-in/Catch-up/Discussion at a time suitable to all time zones.
  • Your choice of a Reading Like A Writer lesson from our online platform. This includes the introductory lesson ‘Learning to Read Like A Writer’. This module has proven to be very popular on Misse.Academy. We take a book and dissect it on the structural, chapter, paragraph and sentence level to see what makes it tick. We reverse engineer the choices made by the writer to see how the various effects are achieved. The goal is to learn how to see and apply these approaches in our own work and to ‘read like a writer.’
    Do it at your own pace, these are asynchronous, there is no live component, but you can post questions to the discussion board and see what others are saying. You retain access to your lesson selection for 90 days post retreat.
    Choose one from the following currently available lessons (we add a new one roughly every month):

    • The Quiet American – Graham Greene (Novel)
    • This Boy’s Life – Tobias Wolff (Memoir)
    • Normal People – Sally Rooney (Novel)
    • Inheritance – Dani Shapiro (Memoir/Nonfiction)
    • My Name is Lucy Barton – Elizabeth Strout (Novel)
    • The Hours  |  Mrs. Dalloway – Michael Cunningham  |  Virginia Woolf (Novels)

Community & Socialising

  • Literary Salon – we’ll selection a published short piece of fiction or nonfiction to read and discuss informally in book-club fashion once during the week
  • Movie Night – We’ll stream a movie together and gossip and react to it towards the end of the week
  • A Special cocktail/mocktail event once during the week where we discuss a literary topic that fits the group’s interests

Open Mic and Celebration – the last day of the retreat those who wish to can read a short excerpt of their work and we’ll toast the week’s accomplishments


Everything from the Classic Experience plus:

  • Pre-Retreat Reading of a selection of your project
  • Pre-Retreat Individual Goal-Setting and strategy roadmap document for your project
  • Individual monitoring and advice on your goal-setting and strategy roadmap document during the retreat week
  • Daily One to Ones 
  • Written and Verbal Feedback on daily writing submissions
  • A live discussion about your Reading Like A Writer selection with Wayne exploring ways to implement the lessons from that module directly into your work (if people select the same book, we may do this as a group as it creates a good synergy)
  • A Post-Retreat online follow-up and feedback session to keep the progress going

Visit the DATES & FEES page for all those details and to book.