Our writing courses inspire, motivate and empower you to produce your best work wherever you are in the process. through the use of a proven mix of individual and group mentoring, personalised writing exercises and direct feedback from professional writers, you will gain the confidence and practical skills you need to grow and meet your writing goals. You will also have time to explore, daydream and relax while being looked after in wonderful style.

How Our Courses Work

We offer three different general writing development courses, along with some subject matter specific courses, to meet you where you are on the writers journey. Our courses are truly bespoke and tailored to you, so we limit them to six participants. These small groups ensure everyone gets ample personal attention and has the space to spread out and flourish. Wonderful synergies develop and everyone feels nurtured and supported. Generally, each day you will have group activities during some of the morning, guided writing time, one-to-one feedback sessions followed by independent writing and free time in the afternoons. We ask you to take a look at these and pick the one that best fits you and your writing. If you’re not sure, or walk to talk through it, send us an email or give us a call, we are here to help.

A Writer Begins

This is the imaginative spark and exploratory phase. You’ve either never written before, just dabbled, or need to get back into a creative space to write again. It runs a full week and includes time for sightseeing and some writing time to apply the skills you’re developing (Sat-Sat)

A Writer Prepares

This is the preparatory phase. You have an idea, maybe made some notes, but you need to learn some craft, hone your skills, and develop a plan in order to start writing your book. It runs a full week (Sat-Sat)

A Writer Progresses

This is the long-haul wrestling with your story, facing those obstacles, relishing those victories, refining your skills and making it the best book you can phase. You have a work-in-progress—anywhere from a chapter or two all the way to a full draft—and need to figure out what is working, what is not and how to move forward to completion. It runs a full week (Sat-Sat).

The Art of the Short Story: From Idea to Draft in A Week

Our Circle of Misse short story course, led by short story writer Annie Kirby, will help you develop your writing skills to meet the unique challenges of creating good short stories. Over the course of a week, Annie will walk you through the process of writing and editing a short story, from idea generation through to final editing. It runs a full week (Sat-Sat).

Masterclass: Behind the Scenes of a Novel

If you’re working or planning to work on a novel, you can’t miss this week! We’re so lucky to have Emma Claire Sweeney here to give us a behind the scenes tour of what it takes to get a novel from inside your head onto the page and then out into the world. Includes a virtual visit from an editor or agent and a feedback session with Emma. It runs a full week (Sat-Sat).

Or Maybe You’re Interested in a Writing Retreat

A Community of Writers

You will join a supportive community of writers from all over the world writing in English.  Our writers often develop a strong attachment to Circle of Misse and its community. Misse alumni have formed a multitude of friendships and writers groups spanning the globe. Over 80% our alumni return to Circle of Misse and a number of those come once or twice every year.

Misse writers in residence

Our course leaders are award-winning professionals with substantial teaching as well as writing experience. Led by our resident writer/editor Wayne Milstead, writers who regularly hold residencies at Circle of Misse include:Matthew Morrison, Kirstan Hawkins, Emma Claire Sweeney, Emily Midorikawa, Annie Kirby, Elizabeth L. Silver and Wendy Vaizey.