As Dorothy Parker famously said: ‘Writing is the art of applying the ass to the seat.‘  It’s one of those age-old truths: to fill the empty page, we must sit down and put in the time. There’s no way around it.

So why not pick the best seat available?

How about a big leather chair next to a fire, a rustic wooden desk with views across sunflower fields to the river; or a spot in the garden overlooking a wildflower meadow, an 18th century barn and the ruins of a 12th century abbey.  Even better, place that seat in a characterful 19th century Maison de Maitre in the stunning countryside of the Loire Valley (France), fill it with like-minded writers and hosts that take your writing as seriously as you do while pampering you with exquisite food and drink, and you’ll find that your 90% perspiration feels way less daunting. That’s what awaits you on a Circle of Misse Writing Retreat.

The only finger you’ll lift will be to use your keyboard

While our Writing Courses expertly prepare you for the 90% glued-to-your-seat finger-tapping long haul, our retreats make keeping you inspired, motivated and focused during it our 100% commitment. To paraphrase another famous writer, we give you a room of your own with your own en-suite bathroom, a comfortable double-bed, a wardrobe and a writing desk with a view; along with the peace of mind that we’re taking care of everything else. Always available tea, coffee and other beverages. Lots of healthy (and strategically timed naughty) nibbles throughout the day to power you through your prose (or poetry), along with a wide variety of breakfast treats to suit all appetites, luscious boxed lunches and expertly prepared dinners with lots of local wine and non-alcoholic drinks. We really do take care of everything.


  • Some places expect you to help with the meals. Not here.
  • Some places expect you to help clean. Not here.
  • Some places expect you to share bedrooms and bathrooms. Not here.
  • You don’t have to pop into town to buy your own bottle of wine for dinner or anything else.
  • We handle pick up and drop-off at our area airport or train station, so no expensive taxis to worry about.

We take care of it all. And everything is included in the price except your travel to area airport/train station.

Our retreats run a full 6 day/7-night week, unlike other places that average 4 or 5 days, so you’re not packing up to leave, just when you’ve really hit your groove. We really do make this work for you.

As one of our retreaters responded when asked why she returns for two week stints twice a year for the last seven years: ‘All I have to do once I get off the train is write. You do everything else and I enjoy every minute of it. I can’t get that anywhere else.’


Writer’s march on their stomachs too. You’ll have a spring in your step.

Our food is the best you’ll find at any creative writing centre. It should be. We also run a cookery school, food blog and guesthouse. We don’t just feed you, we excite your senses and inspire. We cook professionally and are excited about our fresh local ingredients. We want to share them with you. Mealtimes are celebratory and a time to relax and celebrate the accomplishments of the day. If you are particularly “in the zone” we can arrange for an individual “working dinner”. Just let us know. We cater to all appetites. We’ll ask about dietary restrictions and food likes and dislikes when you book.

And when you want to leave your seat?

Circle of Misse is peaceful and calm, but not monastic. Our house gently buzzes with creative activity and the unobtrusive murmur of home life and the aroma of seasonal ingredients cooking in the kitchen. There will be other writers busily and quietly working on their own writing. So you can find solitude, but you won’t feel isolated. There’s always a chance for a chat, a stroll through the beautiful countryside, an optional trip to our local market, chateau and other local sight-seeing spots. We also mix things up with an optional cocktail/mocktail hour in the evenings where we can chat about the days work and discuss books. We also show a movie on the big screen one night.

Wow! Inspiration covered. What about perspiration, any chance of a hand?

While our courses – individually tailored to help you find your creative spark (A Writer Begins), learn the writer’s craft in order to plan and start your book (A Writer Prepares) and then master writing craft and problem-solve your way through your work-in-progress (A Writer Progresses) – are the place to start, sometimes on retreat we still need some help with the heavy lifting. We have a team of talented writers, teachers, coaches and editors to help writers just like you. So, of course, along with the inspiration, our retreats offer you the option of getting various levels of nudging to power through the perspiration bit.

We all need different things from a writing retreat at different times while working on a project, so choose the one that best fits where you are at the moment.

Studio Retreats

It’s your retreat and your time. You work to your own schedule and goals. This is an independent retreat.  We get out of the way and let you get on with it. But sometimes, no matter how experienced we are, a little group or individual chat can help get us out of a jam, clarify our thoughts, or simplify offer a helpful distraction. So you have the completely optional choice of joining us for a few short group discussions about a craft topic, strategies for narrative problem-solving or some prompts for bringing out your best work. You also have the option of a quick individual feedback session or two with the resident/visiting writer.  Since there’s almost always mentoring and other activities going on at Circle of Misse, we can offer the option of jumping in for a bit of inspiration, clarification or advice without any hassles. You don’t have to book any of this in advance, it’s there for the taking. You can also work completely on your own if you prefer. May writers do. It’s all about giving you what you need, when you need it. Beginning writers, emerging writers and veteran writers all find the creative buzz helpful and inspiring no matter whether they join in the activities or not. Again, if you want more substantial or structured guidance check out our courses or read about Mentored Retreats below.

Mentored Retreats

This is an extraordinarily popular (and intensive) option. You’ll be pampered and inspired per our usual high-standards, while also being individually coached through your writing goals by one of our visiting writing teachers. You’ll need to be stuck into a long project and we’ll read a substantial chunk of it beforehand and plan a schedule for you based on strategies for taking it to the next level. This will include a short reading list selected just for you to be read before arrival. Then we’ll spend the week alternating between coaching sessions to learn techniques to problem-solve your book, focused writing time, and feedback on the work you’re producing here. It’s all about giving you the tools and momentum to elevate your story. You’ll have a couple of coaching sessions each day, submit daily writing for feedback and have plenty of time to write towards daily goals.


Studio Retreats

    • £645 includes everything except travel to France (£180 deposit to secure booking)
    • Pick-up City: Nantes

Mentored Retreats

      • £995 includes everything except travel to France (£300 deposit to secure booking)
      • Pick-up City: Nantes

Travel details

 Free pick-up (Saturday) and drop-off (Saturday) at:

  • Nantes Atlantique International Airport (You can arrive via plane or train). Full details here.
    • Pick-up 17:15
    • Drop-off 13:15
  • You can also take the train to Thouars, our nearest town, and we’ll collect you. Details here.
  • You can also drive. We’ll send directions and GPS coordinates.

When do you want to come?

Check out our Dates and Fees Page for availability